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​Beverly Hills Dental Corp is located in the Beverly Hills Elite Triangle, known to be the ultimate in cosmetic and plastic results worldwide.  Beverly Hills Dental Corp has been truly at the center of cosmetic dentistry in Beverly Hills for more than twenty five years. We have produced thousands of celebrated, memorable and beautiful smiles for entertainers, business people, homemakers, professionals, young and old, men and women, Americans and Europeans, Asians, Africans, North and South Americans and Australians. Our office environment provides elegant, calming and synergistic aesthetics to make our clients feel welcome and cared for. The entire experience from beginning to end is carefully considered to provide you with the greatest sense of comfort and peace as you undertake your journey with us to create

Our Doctors

Dr. Kambiz Kalili, DMD, QME went to undergrad at UCLA, continued his educational endeavor at Boston U. where he received his Doctorate Medical Dentistry (DMD) degree, awarded >62 Scientific Research Publications in International and American Dental Research, Author, Conference on Orthodontic Advances in Science & Technology (COAST), UCLA Faculty Lecturer Biomaterials Science and Advanced Prosthodontics, 1990 – 2010, Editor: Journal of Dental Education, LAPD Tactical Defense: Medical Advisory, Founder & CEO NuBrace: Clear removable Orthodontics, Qualified Medical Examiner of over 2,000 traumatically injured patients, ADA Update author and publication, Honorary Captain US Coast Guard, Founder and CEO NuBrace Clear Removable Orthodontics and Co-Director of Beverly Hills Dental Corp. “It gives me great pleasure to instill confidence and design the celebrity smile for all of us.” Kambiz  Kalili, DMD

the smile you have always dreamed of having. Our supportive, nurturing and professional clinical staff, our efficient, friendly appointment personnel and our preventive care providers all are part of a dental cosmetic team that works together with our world renowned doctors to provide the most excellent care possible.

Our brand-new office and facilities are designed to create the most relaxing and comfortable environment for our valued patients that visit our facilities for consultation or treatment. 
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